zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Chapter 2: Suriname

After returning from Suriname by the end of 2007, I decided to turn to therapy to find an answer to the question why things in my life kept going 'from bad to worse'. After one and a half year I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. Checking out one of my best friends, Jan replied, 'I've been diagnosed with ADHD as well, I told you four, five times already'.

I had received an invitation from Surinamese artist Marcel Pinas to help setting up a Children's Art Center. Duivenvoorden joined me and early 2010 we lived and worked in Moengo (Marowijne district) for a month. Jan was supposed to perform at the opening of 'Tembe Art Studio', but for some reason Marcel forgot all about it, which was rather a disappointment and lead to a bit of a conflict (between Marcel and myself). But overall, it was a great experience having been there. And simply amazing how tribal drums reminded us of Duivenvoorden's techno beats... The video's published down below are mere sketches of what was to become a publicity movie for the art center.

This project was funded by Gemeente Den Haag and bewonersorganisatie Buurtstation.

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