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Chapter 1: Introduction

This blog is dedicated to the continuing musical adventures of Jan Duivenvoorden (Unit Moebius) and myself (Anthony Blokdijk, Salò Mentale). We both live and work in The Hague (The Netherlands). Consider this blog as a public diary of our collaborations.

Unit Moebius is a legendary techno act since 1992. Supported by the Bunker record label and the legendary Acid Planet parties, the group has been compared to Underground Resistance, while Aphex Twin claims to be one of its biggest fans. Many records have been released by various labels and several concerts were transmitted by Dutch radio and television. Frontman Jan Duivenvoorden continues to perform solo and release records nowadays.

Salò Mentale is my musical brainchild since 1984. Starting off as an ‘industrial’ band, with loose connections to Psychic TV, Coil, Laibach and Diamanda Galás (amongst many others), it played its debut concert supporting the screening of Pasolini’s notorious movie ‘Salò (o le 120 giornate di Sodoma)’. The first publication on Salò Mentale appeared in 1985 in ‘Force Mental’, a magazine run by Belgian art-collective Club Moral. The group (it generally used to be me and someone else...) played many styles ranging from avant-garde to rock to techno, often publishing our music on audio cassette.

Jan and I first met in 1993 through our individual contributions for local pirate radio station Tonka, and jammed for the first time in 1994, supporting avant-rock group Kampec Dolores from Budapest (Hungary). [Live @ Iets Vrijers]
Collaborations in the years that would follow (including poetry readings by Cor Gout from Trespassers W) were often released on private cassette label Cunker records:

- The Guy Effect (1994)
- Hello Toni Goodbye Ian (1994)
- Poppelepee (with Cor Gout, 1994)

- Obscure Live Sex (1995)
- B.A.M.D.I.R.T. (1996)

In 1995 Unit Moebius made a contribution for the group exhibition "De Dronken Boot", organized by my other brainchild, stichting (foundation) Maldoror. [link]. In 1996 Unit Moebius performed at a festival about 'underground art in the eighties', also organized by Maldoror.

In 1999 Salò Mentale did its last gig for many years ahead, at the wedding of Jan. [JB Marriage]
A few years later I moved to live in former Dutch colony Suriname (South America).

More on Salò Mentale in the XXth century here.
More on Unit Moebius at Loslaten.tk.

Next chapter: Suriname

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