vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Chapter 3: Eighties

What started off as a bit of a joke, doing cover versions of eighties underground music, resulted in this blog and the headaches of financial funding for a World Tour we have planned (another joke, perhaps, see Chapter 4). Obviously, both Jan and I have our 'roots', artistically speaking, in the "Eighties".

One of my eighties projects was post-punk band Niet Reëel Aanbod (playing drums, '81-'82).

Not too long after this, Jan got involved with Minigod (1983).

But let's now return to the Eighties RETRO. Here's our PROMO CLIP, Salò Mentale ft. Unit Moebius doing a cover version of Section 25's "Friendly Fires".

In the end, six songs were recorded.

1) Obsession (Cabaret Voltaire)
2) Something Came Over Me (Throbbing Gristle)
3) Wax & Wane (Cocteau Twins)
4) Wardance (Killing Joke)
5) Friendly Fires (Section 25)
6) Fade To Grey (Visage)

Salò Mentale ft. Unit Moebius: Fade To Grey (Visage cover)

All tracks are available on YouTube, and can be downloaded here.

Next chapter: 2012 Live Gigs

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